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Advanced Placement 2-D Portfolio Studio Class Wiki!

In this class, we will focus on the elements and principles of design to create works that show mastery of composition, concept and technique. You will be using both traditional and digital mediums during these explorations while completing the three areas of the Advanced Placement portfolio, which are Breadth, Quality and Concentration.

We will be using this wiki throughout the school year to post work, discuss projects and connect to many links to artists and museums.

Check out the AP links below, download the curriculum* and rubrics and explore the Artists links on the page to the left ~ this class will challenge and expand your notions of art!

* Please feel free to read the entire curriculum, or at the very least, read over the sketchbook section and the Breadth and Concentration ideas section. (This curriculum is approved by the College Board as of 9/5/2012)

Class Curriculum

In this section, 12 images of 12 different works are required. No details may be used, and the works cannot be included in the Concentration section. The Breadth sections primary focus is the understanding and execution of the elements and principles of art.

This section requires 12 images, with no more than 2 details.
A concentration consists of a body of works that share the same idea or concept
The concept could be based on a visual issue, or a series of linked designs, or images from a sequential story.

This section visually exemplifies the students’ mastery of concept, composition and creative execution using the elements and principles of design.
Five works no larger than 18 x 24 will be chosen from all of the students’ work (works may be chosen from both the Breadth and Concentration sections.)
The Elements of Design
Line / Shape / Color / Value / Texture / Space

The Principles of Design
Unity / Balance / Emphasis / Rhythm / Proportion

The Elements & Principles of Design:

Link to AP:

Examples of Quality, Concentration and Breadth:


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File Specifications: Jpegs / Max 3 MB / 530 x 780 pixels (7.25 x 10.75 in) 72 DPI)