Homework Projects

The projects below are to help you build your Breadth portfolio.

Consequently, they are also part of your AP Grade!

Gustav Klimnt

Check out these line drawing examples:


Remember to focus on how you use the visual Elements of Design
(Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Space) in the exploration of the Principles of Design
(Unity, Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, Scale).

Write out your plan, put into words your intentional usage of the Elements & Principles.
(ex. I will design a pattern using shape and color to create a sense of balance, rhythm and depth.)

Explore different mediums in these projects;
Including Photoshop, Illustrator, Watercolors, Photography, Acrylics, Collage, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Markers, or a combination of mediums.

Take Risks!

M.C. Escher

Create a final drawing in your sketchbook for one of the following concepts;
(We will complete these works when we return in January)
  • Create a pattern based on a shape in nature

  • Design a geometric pattern based on an emotion or sound

  • Design an Apollonian Gasket – use found collage elements such as magazines, gum wrappers, printed materials, Etc. Paste the elements within the gasket circles.

  • Illustrate a poem or a scene from a book using geometric shapes and patterns
    Apollonian Gasket

M.C. Escher

The Projects below are more ideas that you can be working on at home, and in class to help build your Breadth section;

  • Fold an 18 x 24 sheet of paper into 8 blocks. In the first block, sketch a still life from observation. In each following block, draw the same image with fewer and fewer lines, until the finally block where the objects are defined by minimal lines.

  • Create a magazine cover using collage

  • Take a sequence of photographs revealing four different moments of the same day, showing the passage of time. Focus on abstraction, positive/negative shapes, and value.